introductions are hard.

do i write about my demographic information?

do i write about my favorite things?
do i write about why I chose the title of this blog?
do i write about how i’m inconsistent with my capitalization habits? 
or do i just write whatever comes to mind, and hope when a reader stumbles upon my clumsy words, they’ll appreciate my genuine nature?


i’m suzanne. i’m another 20-something with stuff to write, life to live, and perspective to give. i’m a feminist with lots to learn. i’m new to the midwest and will always be an east coast girl at heart. i love God, myself, my fiancé, my family, my friends, my cat, pizza, dark chocolate, learning, and the internet.

i struggle. on the daily. my pursuit of feminism is constant and i hope that i always strive for a better view on how i can uphold, and demand equality. this blog will be mostly about my life experiences, with a dash of feminism touched in each one.

– sg